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A clockwise direction from Havoc
Havoc [하복/대혼란]
The devil wears Prada [악마는 프라다를 입는다]
Knocked up [사고친 후에]
The business [비지니스]
The football factory [풋볼 팩토리]
This is England [이것이 영국이다]

A brief explanation about reason for buying
Havoc : This title isnt released in Korea yet. Anne Hathaway starred in this.
The devil wears Prada : Ann Hathaway also starred in this film. It was released as 1 disc in the UK and Korea.
But Im gonna buy another one which was released as Gift set in France.
Knocked up : I posted this film. Inspite of 2 disc title, this was one of 4 for 20 quid title.
The business : It isnt yet released in Korea. I heard almost all characters are Cockney in this film.
The football factory : Same as The Business.
This is England : It was impressive film and 2 disc title.

In Korea, there are no additional explanation about why they were rated as certain rate.
However, there are in the UK.

Havoc : 18, Contains strong language, sex and hard drug use.
The devil wears Prada : 12, Contains mild language.
Knocked up : 15, Contains strong language and drug use. [18 in Korea]
The business : 18, Contains strong violence and very strong language.
The football factory : 18, Contains very strong language, violence and drug use.
This is England : 18, Contains very srtong racist violence and language.